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Egyptian cotton sleep in peace while y'all speak of me
Disoriented reality has become like dreams
I'm contemplating to give up rap and become like Keith
That's Keith Bothongo oh where's my manners that's Doctor B
Everytime we speak, I wonder what he sees in me
They say surround yourself with greats, I do it frequently
If you a boss we split it equally
My baby Momma's from Durban but the coat was made in Italy
See we don't celebrate failures of a enemy
Even my enemy's enemy is not a friend to me
Collaborating for destruction is just not allowed
If you a real one then you would know what I'm talking bout
I prefer to go to war with my own guns
Don't wanna share all this glory with no one
Except the people that really love me, that family
The ones that protect me even when they are mad at me
It's pretty clear that I've done well at this life thing
That's what I think when I pull up at my crib
Take out my phone and scroll through Black Coffee's IG
And I think yeerr batho ba phela mo lifeng
That's what happens when you focus on another man
There's always somebody richer, always a smarter Kat
Always gonna be somebody out there with a harder flex
But none of them are me never gon' be another Cass
I used to love the game but now I love myself
I'm filthy rich and you can tell by how I smell
I be like fa fa, ladies be like sbwl
Then it's ah ah later back at the hotel
I'm fresh as hell I'm my cazals
I'm in the spur looking like I never took an L
My mumies call me Nyo'vest
Don't rush your process
Chasing another man's process
We living soft

Alles oor familie that's flex that's flex
All about family that's flex that's flex
Alles oor familie that's flex that's flex

My life is changing I'm about to be a father
My son is already blessed he's got a starter
I feel secure I think I picked the perfect mother
I'm forced to grow and certain are kinda harder
I think I might let go of the Bentley
Cause I don't wanna see his little stomach go empty
I would rather keep the crib, that's more important
So him and my baby mom will always got a place to live
I used to care about all the opinions
Now all I care about is family reunions
Fuck a Brazilian my baby mama hair look Indian
She smart and plus she worth a couple millions
Shout out to Jabba he prepared me for my league
I know the traps I get up early for my cheese
Uncle Cassper grinding heavy for my niece
So fuck a 6 pack we living in the belly of the beast
I feel like, I've seen it done, done it all
It always memorable when I'm involved
Yeah we started small but look how I evolved
20 thousand in the stands is just something small
Still driven yeah I hardly walk
I need a pista for the blister soon that's that Ferrari talk
You know the saying, more money more problems, that's true
But somehow we stress less and we party more
Put Paul McCartney on, trips through safaris
While sip on canary, and explore the Kalahari
The young boys they love to make noise like Kawasaki
I know the shit I'm wearing look plain but it's Versace
Rich mnisi polos for the evening
Maxhosa masks you know the combo always sickening
Nna ke ratile sdwadlo since kele pikinini
And I'ma need to see your glasses up if you feeling me

Alles oor familie that's flex that's flex
All about family that's flex that's flex
Alles oor familie that's flex that's flex
All about family that's flex that's flex

Cassper when you flexing, family
All about family
All my family
Brothers and sisters
Cousins and aunties
Cassper oucea flexing
Anthony flexing
S.A. flexing
North Carolina flexing
It's all about the love
All about the love
I do this for family
All about family
Ooh Cassper, Anthony

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